Welcome to Houjotown!!! :-)



Dante's Metroidvania

A metroidvania that loosely takes inspiration from Dante's Divine Comedy (mainly Inferno). This is a demo scheduled for release on itch.io sometime late january. First game i've ever attempted making. Game made in Godot.


Houjotown website

This very site!! That you're on!!! Right now!!! O.O

Sourcecode (or you could inspect element, but this shows off i know how to use git)


18/12/21: Third Update: Moved updates to project page to avoid over clutter of the homepage. Only the most recent update will remain on the homepage. Also moved FAQ to seperate page. Also changed email from gmail to proton, as well adding a discord incase for any reason.

13/12/21: Second Update: Added an index for the site, as well as a projects page. Also changed link for email to just plaintext. Sidenote: 130 views o.O

13/12/21: Semi Update: Moved to Gitlab, Github needs 2FA to push commits from the command line? haha

12/12/21: First Update: Made the first theme, focused on a lightish blue/purple colour range and stayed within css functionality

07/12/21: Site Initial Creation

|site under construction|