Welcome to Houjotown!!! :-)


FAQ (maybe):

-What font are you using?


-Who are you?

I'm Houjotown. The handle is new. Maybe one day this username will have some sort of meaningful presence, if that happens, ill edit this. For anyone wondering, the username is derived from When They Cry: Higurashi


Well, besides the typical answer of computers,anime content and video games, i'm also into the visual arts, and theology, with a specialization in abrahamic religions. I also really like rollerblading, and I've even taken an interest in fashion lately.

What made you get into computer stuff?

I've always been into computers, I like to think I'm decent at I.T, I just never took the plunge to get into coding until now.

Any future project plans?

As of right now i'm trying to finish my metroidvania demo (check project page), as a first game I did kinda bite more than I can chew but I believe you might as well go full on blazing if you're gonna commit to something. Besides that i'm trying to learn C/C++, so you'll probably see stuff related to that. I also plan to update the css of this site constantly, trying out different styles. End goal for the site is to have a list of different themes you can select through and pick your favourite. Of course if you like it enough you can then check out my Gitlab for a download of the theme, and then use it yourself if you'd like. This theme is already up on my gitlab under Houjowebsite -> Version1, though I doubt you'd want to use it.

Why are you writing this lame FAQ?

Mainly to fluff out this page. Also maybe to make the site more personal.

|site under construction|