Welcome to Houjotown!!! :-)



Houjotown exists mainly as a general portfolio site for anything I tie to the username also known as Houjotown. General programming projects, games, etc. Houjotown also exists as an introduction and experimentation site for my own webdev, and as such will routinely undergo maintenance and shifts in looks. Houjotown also exists for anything else I may feel interested in posting, but what that is remains unclear to me as of right now.

To specify, I'm practically completely new at coding with the exception of a middle school computing class, so this website serves as both practice for web dev, as well as a catalog of my coding ventures.


18/12/21: Third Update: Moved updates to project page to avoid over clutter of the homepage. Only the most recent update will remain on the homepage. Also moved FAQ to seperate page. Also changed email from gmail to proton, as well adding a discord incase for any reason.

For a full list of updates check out here.

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